Run-A-Muk 5k/10k

Saturday, August 24, 2024 - 8:00 am - Rosehill Community Center, Mukilteo, WA

7/31/23 UPDATE:  FINAL APPROVAL OF OUR BRAND NEW COURSE WAS RECEIVED TODAY!!  (insert lots of happy jumping here)

We are very excited to announce a BRAND NEW COURSE for 2023!  This beautiful course highlights the beauty of our area and gives our runners a chance to enjoy some truly incredible views from our local beaches! 

* Runners will begin and end on 3rd Street in front of Rosehill Community Center.  No more parking lot finish line!

* You will take off towards Totem Park with a view of the Mukilteo Lighthouse in the distance. 

* After just one block on 2nd Street you'll drop down a short but steepish hill to Mukilteo Lane which will be closed to vehicle traffic.  No more running on the shoulder of busy Mukilteo Boulevard!  Instead you get a nice level run towards Edgewater Beach on a closed road.  :)

* After crossing the railroad tracks you'll make your way to Edgewater Beach where you'll enjoy salt air, gentle breezes and views of the ferry as you make your way on a combination of sidewalk, paved path and some gravel.  No more out and back on this part of the route!  Instead you'll cross over to 1st Street and continue running past our new ferry terminal towards Lighthouse Park.

* Lighthouse Park will again give you some great beach side running on level paved paths.  Enjoy views of Whidbey Island across the Salish Sea as well as our very own Mukilteo Lighthouse on this part of the route.   You'll retrace your steps back towards the ferry terminal where you will be safely crossed towards the train station and start making your way back to the Rosehill.  Be sure to check out the art on the ticket booths at the terminal and the art by the train station too!

* What goes down must eventually go up and this is where you earn some bragging rights.  You'll run single file across the bridge spanning the railroad tracks as you make your way back towards Totem Park, then Rosehill and the 5k FINISH LINE.  This portion of the route gains 30 feet in 5/10 of a mile.  It's short but it will definitely get your attention.  10k runners will take a left immediately after the bridge to run a second loop of this gorgeous route.


- Only SINGLE STROLLERS are allowed on this course and they need to be able to handle a variety of surfaces.  Those lining up with double width strollers will be asked to cheer at the Finish Line rather than participate in the event. 

- PLANES, TRAINS & AUTOMOBILES:   Okay so we aren’t expecting any planes on the route but the route does cross railroad tracks at mile .6 and 3.6 (10k only).  We do not expect any train activity during our race but we will have course marshals posted at these crossings just in case.  In the unlikely event that a train is approaching, you will be asked to hold until it is safe to cross.  Your bib# and the amount of time you were delayed will be recorded by the course marshal and your overall time will be adjusted accordingly.   The route also crosses the ferry lanes,  2 times for the 5k  and 4 times for the

10k.  There will be course marshals and/or police at this spot to help you cross safely.  It is our intention to allow runners to cross without stopping HOWEVER there will be times that participants are asked to wait a stoplight cycle to allow ferry offloading with minimal impact.  In these cases your bib# will be recorded by the course marshal and your overall time will be adjusted for one full light cycle.  If you have any questions please send them to



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