Run-A-Muk 5k/10k

Saturday, August 24, 2024 - 9:00 am - Rosehill Community Center, Mukilteo, WA

We are looking forward to welcoming you to this years Run A Muk 5k/10k on Saturday, August 24th. A few important changes to note:

NEW START TIME:  We have a brand new start time of 9:00 am so you'll have a bit longer to sleep in before coming out to run or walk this year.

NEW START/FINISH LINE:  This year you'll find the Start/Finish Line and all activities in the UPPER parking lot of Rosehill Community Center.  This will help open up some parking for you down below.  :) 

NO FERRY LANE or BOAT LAUCH CROSSINGS to slow you down this year.  We took your feedback from last year to heart and adjusted the route to avoid these spots. :) 


Keep reading for a description of what you have to look forward to on this years route. Route maps and elevations below.

* Runners will begin and end in the upper parking lot of Rosehill Community Center. 

* You will take off towards Mukilteo Boulevard turning fairly quickly towards Totem Park with a view of the Mukilteo Lighthouse in the distance. 

* After just a couple of blocks on Mukilteo Speedway you'll drop down a short but steepish hill to 1st Street where you'll  head towards Edgewater Beach Park.  Be sure to check out the art on both the train station and ferry terminal as you run by.  Enjoy salt air, gentle breezes and views of Everett as you enjoy a combination of sidewalks, paved paths and some gravel along the waters edge.  No more out and back on this part of the route!  Instead you'll  cross the railroad tracks to Mukilteo Lane which will be closed to vehicle traffic giving you get a nice level run towards Edgewater Beach on a closed road.  :)

* What goes down must eventually go up and this is where you earn some bragging rights.  As you make your way back towards Rosehill you'll head up a short hill that will definitely get your attention.  I've routed you so that you don't have to run the big hill all in one bite but rather in smaller sections as you pass the beautiful homes of  Old Town Mukilteo.  There will be plenty of signs and volunteers to make sure you are taking the right turn to make coming back up as easy as possible.  :)  10K runners will be directed on a small extra (level) portion of route in this area to help you get to 6.2 miles total.    

* At the 3 mile mark (Loveland Ave)  5K runners will be directed straight towards the finish line at Rosehill while 10K runners will take a right to enjoy a second loop of this pretty course.  



- Only SINGLE STROLLERS are allowed on this course and they need to be able to handle a variety of surfaces.  Those lining up with double width strollers will be asked to cheer at the Finish Line rather than participate in the event. 

PLANES, TRAINS & AUTOMOBILES:   Okay so we aren’t expecting any planes on the route but the route does cross railroad tracks at mile 1.7 and 4.8 (10k only).  We do not expect any train activity during our race but we will have course marshals posted at these crossings just in case.  In the unlikely event that a train is approaching, you will be asked to hold until it is safe to cross.  Your bib# and the amount of time you were delayed will be recorded by the course marshal and your overall time will be adjusted accordingly.    If you have any questions please send them to